Tomb of Aulus Umbricius Scaurus

Tomb of Aulus Umbricius Scaurus by MrJennings

A. Umbricio A. f. Men
II vir i.d.
huic decuriones locum monum.
et HS [][] in funere et statuam equestr.
in foro ponendam censuerunt.
Scaurus pater filio.

[In Latin inscriptions, there is a special symbol which I have represented as HS. It stands for "sestertius". In this inscription, I was unable to reproduce the two symbols that immediately follow the HS. These look somewhat like a modern infinity symbol, and they stand in for the Latin word "milia". Combined, they mean "two thousand sesterces".]

"For Aulus Umbricius Scaurus, son of Aulus, of the Menenia tribe, duumvir with judiciary authority. The city councilors voted the site for a monument to this man and two thousand sesterces toward the cost of a funeral, and that an equestrian statue be set up in the forum. Scaurus the father (set this up) for his son."

Aulus Umbricius Scaurus was Pompeii’s one of the most successful manufacturers of garum, the well-known Roman fish sauce. Approximately 30% of the garum containers discovered in Pompeii and nearby were made in one of the factories of the Scaurus’ family. Scholars can tell this because the containers were stamped with identifying labels, an early form of branding. One container of garum with the Scaurus brand has been found in southern France.

Scaurus’s house in Pompeii can also be identified, since he had mosaics showing amphorae of garum with his name on it in the atrium of the house. Amphorae with some garum still preserved have been excavated in the house.

(original photo by me)

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