The Elogium of Romulus

The Elogium of Romulus by MrJennings

Romulus Martis | filius urbem Romam | condidit et regnavit annos | duodequadraginta isque | primus dux duce hostium | Acrone rege Caeninensium | interfecto spolia opima | Iovi Feretrio consecravit | receptusque in deorum | numerum Quirinus | appellatus est.

The Elogium of Romulus
“Romulus, son of Mars, founded the city Rome and ruled for 38 years. He was the first leader to dedicate the spolia opima to Jupiter Feretrius, having killed the general of the enemy, Acro king of the Caeninenses, and having been received in the number of the gods, was called Quirinus.”

This inscription, which would have been underneath a statue of Romulus, was found in the building of Eumachia in the forum of Pompeii. This reproduction is in the Museo della Civilta Romana in Rome.

(original photo by me)

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