Elogium of Aeneas

Elogium of Aeneas by MrJennings

This inscription, which would have been underneath a statue of Aeneas, was found in the building of Eumachia in the forum of Pompeii. This is a reproduction and reconstruction in the Museo della Civilta Romana. The letters in red are reconstructed.

CIL 10.808 + 8348

Aeneas Veneris
et Anchisae f. Troianos
qui capta Troia bello super
fuerant in Italiam adduxit
bellum suscepit
[…] en […]
[…] lbu […]
oppidum Lavinium condidit et
ibi regnavit annos tris in
bello Laurenti subito non con
paruit appellatusq est indigens
pater et in deorum numero relatus (est)

Aeneas, son of Venus and Anchises, let into Italy the Trojans who had survived when Troy was captured in war. He undertook a war […] founded the town Lavinium and reigned there for three years. In the Laurentine war he suddenly disappeared , and was called Father Indigens, and was received in the number of the gods.

(original photo by me)